Working with Nike for over 16 years
and then some, we’ve worked across
5 geos, across categories from football
to running, sportswear to women’s training.
Together we’ve launched sportswear
across Eastern Europe, redefined the
sell-in experience and crafted large-scale
brand experiences.
As a true partner to Converse EMEA
for the last 4 years, we’ve worked
closely with the team on co-authoring
European directives, staff engagement
programmes and product launches,
through to digital strategy,
and so much in-between.
We partnered with the Patagonia EMEA
team to completely reframe their
bricks & mortar experience, and have
since gone on to create a campaign
framework that puts their internal
manifesto at the fore.
Provoking brand re-appraisal and
product purchase decisions.
Working with the global leaders in
wool innovation, we've created an
ambitious platform and identity together
to keep them at the forefront of fashion
& sports innovation well into the future by
taking a grass roots, bottom up approach.
Watch this space.
From the inception of M.C Overalls,
we've been an integral partner in crafting
the modern British workwear brand,
from the go to market strategy,
to creating a timeless identity.
Created all brand touchpoint, including
website, social content, retail
design and more. We worked hard.
The Trafalgar
St. James
Nine months in to our exciting new
relationship with The Trafalgar,
St James, the luxury boutique hotel
in the heart of London, we’ve rebranded
the entire suite of offerings, including
naming and identity system to help
put them back on the map.
Innovative home sound system brand,
Sonos have called upon us to help cultivate
the reputation of their London Studio.
Subsequently we've gone on to work
across brand experiences within EMEA
and partnered with the global team
to redefine their retail proposition.
Girl Effect
Our work with the The Girl Effect's
Ni Nyampinga platform has seen
us as strategic consultants, designers
and brand guardians. We developed
a unique media platform to empower
adolescent girls to drive social change
from within, becoming Rwanda’s first
and defining teenage brand.
Challenged to align a diverse product
portfolio, we started working with Victorinox
in 2014 to deliver a integrated global
brand campaign. We created a
communications framework and distinctive
visual construct to work across all
consumer touchpoints. Subsequently
we went on to work with sister brand
Wenger to the same end.