BECOMING A B CORP, Part 1: Documenting our journey to greater social and environmental responsibility

HarrimanSteel has just started out on the path to B Corp certification. In this new monthly series, our Managing Director, Leah Forsyth-Steel, will be sharing her B Corp journal, describing the complexities of the process, talking with experts in the field, and sharing some hopefully helpful advice for those interested in making the leap into the world of B Corp themselves. 

Here is a taster of Part 1:

June 14th.
Hers said 33.3 and mine said 40.7. Comparing our B Corp assessment answers has definitely highlighted a few home truths for me. One of which is that I feel like HarrimanSteel is a ‘good’ agency. We care about people, the planet, purpose; we’ve done the projects, we’ve shared our opinions, we’ve worked hard to make a positive impact. But, where is this written in stone? Where is the concrete commitment to doing better, being better, throughout all of our business practices?

And also, why does my score come out higher than that of our Operations Manager?

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