Blazer. Yours To Be Worn.
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Stylist Imruh Asha gives us his exclusive behind the scenes tips and tricks on how to style out your Blazers and show that there are no rules.

With the successful launch of the Nike Sportswear Blazer campaign called “Style-Out” we where challenged to continue the story with exclusive behind the scenes content and membership access to unlock insights, showing practical stying tips and tricks to the nike.com and NSW audience.

The content would feature the campaign stylist, Imruh Asha, as he takes the audience on a journey behind the scenes of the Blazer campaign. Through his creative approach, personal experiences and styling process, the goal was to immerse the audience into the world of styling with personalised AV content as if they were in conversation with Imruh.

The Blazer 'Style Out’ campaign and our BTS content creation focused on real people, real stories, embracing different styles, motivations and body shapes.


Our approach was to create a personal and unique conversation for the Nike audience

The set was created to host our 'in conversation’ moments and to be able to capture access all areas behind the scenes moments. This allowed the team to follow and see the inner workings of the styling process at work, seeing a real masterclass in action.

When it comes to styling, my philosophy is and always has been that there are no rules!

To facilitate the free flowing conversion with Imruh, making it feel that the audience were asking the questions, we engaged an interviewer from i-D magazine to drive the fashion forward conversation.

Our aim across all content was to create an informal conversational tone of voice, engaging the users and informing them about the styling in context with the Nike Blazer.

Results (TBC)

The creation of 4 pieces of AV content, featuring Imruh Asha, walking us through the Style-out experience with tips and tricks. The content was created for Nike social channels and featured across Nike Sportswear, .com, Nike app with exclusive CRM loyalty campaign membership benefits.