Nike x Intersport
Coach Lee for Zoom Pegasus Turbo
Omni-Channel Campaign, Strategy, Content Creation, Social, Digital, Staff Engagement, Influencer Marketing, Product Seeding, Integrated Production
Creating an omni-channel campaign to help sports retailer Intersport to build an authentic connection with the running community.

Establish and build expert credibility for the running category of sports retail giant, Intersport, through the 2018 Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo campaign. Reposition the retailer as an expert destination for the ‘Sports Addict’ consumer, using compelling storytelling that generates real impact and engagement.


The Nike Zoom Pegasus is an iconic running shoe, and our insight-gathering online revealed that the anticipation for this new release was already building across numerous running forums. Using this product launch as the vehicle to shift the perception of Intersport, we wanted to enter the conversation and infiltrate the running community by providing them with direct access to a genuine expert in the sport.

To do this we scoured Europe to find a professional runner that was equal parts passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience, and inspiring with personality and authenticity. This runner was to become the Coach of the Intersport running community. Enter Lee Grantham.

Team GB rep for endurance running, Lee had already built a global following on his own social account - sharing training advice, motivational tips and captivating running content. Having found our charismatic Coach, we collaborated with him to create a series of personal product reviews and testimonials. By sharing his own experience of the Pegasus with the running community, he was able to deliver an authentic appraisal of all the key performance features.

Understanding the appeal of social media ‘influencer’ culture to millennials, we also instigated a product-seeding strategy in which we asked his audience to sign up and share their unboxing moments, test drives and - finally - their testimonials on the product.

In addition to the social media content, we simultaneously developed an integrated campaign putting Coach Lee and his product storytelling at its centre. The campaign spanned not only the Zoom Pegasus Turbo, but the wider Zoom pack too, and then - the following season - the Epic React. With four main product drops over this period, we crafted unique EMEA-centric content that was to be used seamlessly across social, paid media, .com and retail, in over ten different languages.


The online seeding initiative saw over 250 authentic trials and testimonies on Instagram, reaching a combined audience of over 700k. 

The online campaign and press coverage garnered a total of 34 million impressions, 175,000 click-throughs and substantial growth of their dedicated Instagram account, which now has over 15k followers.