HS RECOMMENDS: Our Creative Director, Guillaume, checks out Amsterdam's new NXT Museum
Nxt is a new digital arts museum in Amsterdam Noord. Guillaume, HarrimanSteel’s Creative Director, visited the first exhibition – ‘Shifting Proximities’ – in its opening week. The overall takeaway from this immersive exhibition was that digital is dark, digital is monochrome and digital requires space to be experienced at its best. “Being solely monochromatic seemed a missed opportunity to me (having previously visited similar exhibitions which were in full-colour) but the experiential possibilities for the space are endless. Nxt is undoubtedly a really valuable addition to Amsterdam's creative landscape and I’m excited to return and watch its continual evolution over time, and as technology develops.”
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December 10, 2020
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HS RECOMMENDS: Our Creative Director, Guillaume, checks out Amsterdam's new NXT Museum
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