Thanking the top drivers, giving them Access for Access
Keys to the City
Creative Strategy
Content Creation
Campaign Toolkit
The challenge
How do we genuinely thank the top-performing earners in the UK/FR regions, recognising and rewarding their dedication in 2021?
The aim
To make them feel valued and appreciated, recognising all of their hard work.
The how
By giving drivers access to the events and places they helped riders get to throughout 2021, giving them the 'Keys to the City'. Creating an 'access for access' mechanic to VIP rewards and experiences.

HarrimanSteel has continued its journey with Uber, in this instance creating a special end-of-year moment to shine a light on top-performing drivers in the UK and France, thanking them for all they have done in 2021. The aim was to ensure these drivers feel valued and recognised by rewarding them with emotional and tangible experiences.


Many drivers with Uber cover thousands of miles a year, and thanks to their hard work they have earned the badge of Diamond and Platinum drivers – in short, they are some of Uber’s top-performing drivers. As the UK and France continued to navigate COVID-19, these drivers continued to show up with dedication. They helped thousands of people in dozens of cities get where they needed to, giving riders access to a host of social experiences, from meals out to rides home from the cinema.


We wanted to celebrate and thank the most committed drivers on Uber by giving them access to the places they’d helped riders get to over 2021. This was done by rewarding their efforts with unique experiences to enjoy with friends or family – ultimately handing them Keys to the City. 

We delivered the campaign through various mediums, including CRM emails to drivers, in-person deliveries of boxes and keys with a personal note, filming of a handful of drivers in London and Paris and saying thank you to them on the Uber UK and France Instagram channels.

We created a new visual style for the campaign that retained much of the bold simplicity of Uber but pushed the colour and tone with a handwritten font of the drivers’ names in gold colour, and a set of simple yet striking key graphics. This was extended to the design CRM emails in which we thanked the drivers for their hard work and dedication and guided them through the process of receiving their rewards, which were set up with Wonderbox (Fr) and Buyagift (UK). The Keys to the City symbol was put onto keyrings with a handwritten note from Uber and sent in purpose-made boxes to the top 100 earners. Unique codes in the boxes allowed the drivers to unlock their experiences.

The experiences were crucial to the work – these needed to be bespoke to the drivers’ interests, easy to redeem via the emails and easy-to-do. Meals at restaurants, theme park tickets and cinema tickets were just some of the rewards offered, while VIP experiences included trips to Disneyland and weekend hotel stays. 25% of drivers unlocked their rewards in the first 24 hours thanks to the carefully created CRM journey and reward platform process.

Overall, 75% of drivers redeemed their reward – a higher than average uptake.

For the films, we created a distinctive visual style and treatment that felt uniquely ‘Uber’, while also bringing the humans – the drivers – front and centre. Six earners were filmed as part of the ‘thank you’ videos used on social, which thanked them, the drivers, and all other drivers, for their hard work. Wrap up films using user-generated content and filming of the experiences, sent in a start-of-the-year CRM, completed the journey.

Next steps

Keys to the City was the next step on Uber’s commitment to showing heartfelt thanks to the dedication of the drivers and delivery people who have worked so hard. The access for access mechanism that Keys to the City encapsulated has the potential to become a future platform to celebrate and thank drivers year on year – not just at the end of the year, but as considered and consistent gratitude shown all year round.