Renting, as it should be.
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Bye Bye Bullshit.

UNCLE was founded in 2002 to offer a more transparent, fair and simple way of renting. Renters have long suffered at the hands of unscrupulous landlords. UNCLE wanted to empower their tenants and offer an affordable space that they can call home. Creating a unique brand to revolutionise how people see the housing rental market. 


House/apartment rental is a low interest category – it’s up there with watching paint dry and internet banking.

So UNCLE needed to find its voice. In a marketplace where everyone sounds and looks the same, and for many people, landlords are the bad guys, UNCLE’s business model is different and they are out to change people’s perceptions. The approach was obvious, we wanted to say goodbye to the bullshit and cut through with honesty and transparency while building trust – a rare commodity in the rental market! Creating a brand people want to engage with. This is renting for cynics. UNCLE's start-point was to adopt the new world thinking and offer a clear and simpler process. The antithesis of 'Gary off Gumtree' renting out a room.

We gave them a simple thought, a rallying cry, a purpose, something to believe in and stand behind.

“You shouldn’t have to own a home to be treated like a home owner”. This is Renting as it should be.

The notion of 'home' was at the heart of our identity. Each piece of UNCLE collateral features a simple universal house shape, which can hold diverse pieces of content, unique to that application. This reflects the idea of home, something that is unique to each tenant.

Our brand book solidified their tone of voice, look and feel and, dare we say, purpose – defining their ‘North Star’ so every employee and partner understands how UNCLE walks and talks.