Stand for Tomorrow
Omni-Channel Campaign, Strategy, Content Creations, Social, Digital, Retail, Experiential, Integrated Production
Partnering 'Changemakers' with like-minded NGO's and charities to elevate their personal stories and help create systemic change.

Showcase the TOMS impact network  which is made up of humanitarian organisations, social enterprises and individual “Changemakers”, highlighting their shared values. Tackling subjects as diverse as mental health, homelessness, female empowerment, sexual abuse and social impact entrepreneurship, with the aim of generating positive change in local communities.  


Working as an extension of the TOMS marketing team, we created an omni-channel campaign to work across social, .com, retail, experiential events and workshops. As a catalyst we created two films for each Changemaker - one provocative and educational piece highlighting their specific issue, to help create awareness and drive conversation. The second bringing the product and brand into focus, helping to generate 'giving' funds for that specific issue and partner.

We created a platform for our Changemakers to articulate their personal stories with impact and empathy, subsequently highlighting the partnership with the NGO's as a credible resource for people to reach out to should they be experiencing these issues first hand and need genuine support.

The short films were accompanied by still photography to be used across OOH, retail and across TOMS own digital channels. 

We created a distinctive visual style and treatment for the three campaigns, working closely with the Changemakers, co-authoring the scripts, content and shoot locations for an authentic, personal account that accurately represented each Changemaker. An important facet of the script writing was the inclusion of the viewer as part of the solution to the problem - educating them on what they can do to help address the issues and not just by purchasing product to help, but asp by giving them a means to get involved.


TOMS primary goal with this campaign was to communicate the brand shift from the blanket one-for-one initiative to more targeted project-based investments with local non-profits and Changemakers across the EMEA region. Our primary aim was to shine a light on these smaller localised investment projects through provocative Changemaker stories and showing how these grants were to be used to help tackle specific issues. 

The underlying goal of generating higher levels of awareness and engagement regarding the issues was a key measure of the campaigns success. The 'Stand for Tomorrow' campaigns far exceeded the initial targets set by the brand and became a conversation starter across the brands own social channels.

We have great partners in our Changemakers to help us tell the story and I feel our partnership with HarrimanSteel has been seamless in terms of their team’s understanding of the sensitivities and nuances of our stories while, at the same time, helping us to be relevant within the fashion lifestyle space

With only 30% of media budget allocated to their YouTube channel, this platform alone has amassed over 15million views to date.  

The first seasons 'Stand for...' campaign was voted as one of the top five “Best Facebook Ad Campaigns in 2018”. The Fall/Winter 2018 season alone resulted in a reach of over 35million people.