Air Jordan XXXIV / Make Less More
Seeding, Pop-Up Retail & Events, Social Content, Experiential, Digital Interactive, Product Trialling
Shaping the future of basketball culture with the next generation.

Bring the innovation to the Jordan consumer – 'The Fearless Ones'. Get the The Fearless Ones to re-evaluate the performance credentials of the Air Jordan XXXIV through experiencing the product first hand, driving reappraisal and validation. Highlight the reductive design of the AJ XXXIV, providing everything you need and nothing you don’t. The shoes are designed to perform – on and off the court.


Our approach echoed the shoe’s 'Less is More’ design ethos, reducing the creative to it’s purest form. It needed to be real, raw and grounded in the court, nothing unnecessary. This was about taking it back to the courts and adopting a grassroots approach.

Step 1

We validated the product through a personalised seeding programme with athletes and influencers, driving the conversation online. UGC content and narrative became the unboxing moment, revealing the product. Disruptive and personal.

Step 2

The XXXIV Tour: We took the shoes back to the courts in both Berlin and Paris. Keeping the monochromatic theme of the product going, we turned up in two specially rigged-out black and white G-Wagons loaded with product. Driving re-appraisal and authentication through grassroots trials. Driven by the community, amplified by the network.

Step 3

Trust Trials: Testing the performance credentials where they matter most: on the court in a mixed format basketball tournament with 100 ballers.

Step 4

Nike stores Trial Zones: We created premium retail experiences incorporating interactive digital trialling activations and encouraged the consumer to experience the product and the digital installation for themselves, including coaching. Put your Air Jordan XXXIVs on, show us your moves and take flight. Capture and customise, download and share UGC content.

81% videos downloaded and shared socially.

We utilised mirrors throughout the creative and the physical executions to capture movement in any direction and serve as a device to show the multi-dimensions of the player from a single point. The multi-faceted mirrors allow you to be anywhere; to be everywhere, and highlighting the performance benefits. Explosively light, dynamic control, responsive in any direction.

Make less more.