NEW WORK: Helping Foot Locker encourage its consumers to get a 'Fresh Perspective' and explore the great outdoors with their H020 campaign

Earlier this year, Foot Locker briefed us to create 
the campaign for the H020 
‘Go Outside’ pack. They wanted 
to inspire consumers to escape 
the digital world and step outside to explore their neighbourhood, 
or head out of the city and hit 
the trails. The central theme 
of the campaign was a ‘Fresh
 Perspective’ – the benefit of
 discovering new places through
 urban exploration.

We created an integrated campaign that centred the H020 product 
within an outdoor space. Using mirrors, we created a ‘fresh perspective’, by juxtaposing 
urban and natural elements.
 Our typeface ‘FK Screamer back-slanted’ hints at the optical shift created by mirror reflections, while the product name that follows an 
‘A to B’ pathway alludes to the 
idea of exploration.
 The visual centre connected images seamlessly whilst colour created differentiation.

We look forward to seeing what we can get our teeth into next for Foot Locker in 2021.

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